From conception to birth, authors have many different roads that eventually lead them to publication or just the joy of producing a beautiful writing.

Many of my 'babies' happened by accident (blush). I fall in love too easily with words or phrases and can't wait to throw them on my keyboard and make mad, passionate love to them. Some will disappoint me and I throw them to the curb. Others will take their time to caress my imagination and drive my brain cells wild with poetic charm. Once the seed has been planted the story grows with a life of its own. Gestation time will vary, from a few hours to months. Pre-natal care is very important if you want your 'baby' to be healthy and greeted with many oohs and aahs at birth.

With twenty-two 'babies' under my belt, I am once again filled with the urge for motherhood. I prowl the byways of literary concourses for that special donor. After rambling around books, the internet, social events, photographs, and newspapers for passionate enlightenment I find myself in a pub not far from my house. A game of Texas-Holdem is in progress with my friend waving at me frantically from the table. He looks excited and flushed with sweat shining his face. He stands up as I approach.

"Can you loan me a hundred?" He speaks hurriedly as though I will disappear at any second.

"You are out of money? You just got paid today."

"Look, I don't need a lecture. I need a hundred to stay in the game. I've got this one. I can turn around a pay you back. Please, itís my last hand."

One of the patrons with a huge pile of chips made a sarcastic harrumph. "That's what you said two hours ago." and he laughed maliciously.

I handed him the money, gave him a warning look and left.

Later at home, my friend's situation teased me with ardent possibilities. My mind responded fervently until I was in the throes of a passionate embrace with a plot. I was infatuated. The seed was planted and one month later "Ante Up" was born.

I have come to terms with my wanton ways after many years of therapy and hope for many more children in the future.



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