Cast out and unfurled, my handle reached to the sky in lonely desperation as I waited. I watched the dark clouds steamroll across the once azure sky and my canopy shivered in anticipation. Someone is coming! Surely they will see that I have purpose. I stretched my metal rods in prideful hope.

It's a boy. He's running, but stopped with cautious curiosity in front of me. I rocked with the help of a gentle breeze so he can see the full beauty of my classic lines. Yes, Yes! He is reaching out to my handle. Gingerly he touched me and a shock wave of ecstatic relief washed over me to the fringes of my soul. My excitement grew as I felt the first cool, delicate drops of water kiss my canvas. The wet darts turned hard as they bounced against my cloth and the boy quickly raised me over his head.

My rebirth is almost complete and the joy that coursed through me is painfully sweet. A flash of otherworldly transference knocked to me my knees and I gazed upon the thing that was once my prison. I stood and lifted my senses to the world, taking in large gulps of the sweet smell of rain. I frolicked and ran my hands over the body I had almost forgotten.

I thought about the boy only momentarily as I turned my naked body away from the umbrella and walked toward a world that had been denied to me for so long.



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